The most important economic events expected in the week 20-24 November

Within the current week, it is planned that the Federal Reserve Bank will release its final meeting minutes on Wednesday. Such minutes will be focused on by markets in order to get knowledge about any new indicator of monetary policy. In respect of the US data, Durable Goods Orders are expected to be announced while markets will remain closed on Thursday because of Thanksgiving.

Hereunder are some of the most significant financial and economic events for this week, which are contemplated to have a big impact on the international financial markets moves:

Monday, November 20

Mario Draghi, The European Central Bank President, is expected to testify before the European Parliament in Brussels.

Tuesday, November 21

The Central Bank of Australia will probably publish its last meeting’s minutes, which will provide features about the future of monetary policy in the coming days. In Canada, date on wholesale sales will be released. The British economy will announce its report about borrowing rates from the public sector. On the same day, the British Central Bank President, Mark Carney, will have a talk before the Treasury Committee in London. In the United States, a report on the actual home sales will be released. The President of Reserve Bank, Janet Yellin, will give statement at a discussion panel to be held in New York.

Wednesday, November 22

The Federal Reserve Bank is expected to release details about its latest meeting minutes, and show indicators on the monetary policy in the coming days. The US economy will also release data on durable goods orders and the weekly unemployment benefit requests. In Britain, the balance sheet will be announced. In New Zealand, data on retail sales will be released.

Thursday, November 23

Financial markets will remain closed in the United States because of the Thanksgiving holiday, and will also remain closed in Japan because of a public holiday. In the Euro region, a report on the activity of the transformative Industries sector and the service sector will be disclosed. The European Central Bank will disclose details about its last meeting minutes. In Britain, revised information about economic growth in the third quarter of this year, will be released. In Switzerland the President of the Central Bank, Thomas Jordan, will have a talk on an occasion in Basel.

Friday, November 24

The Institute of Evo will present its report on the German business climate. In New Zealand, reports on the trade balance will be presented.


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