Gold prices has increased while USD has backed down against most currencies

On Friday gold prices has increased for the first time in three days in the Europe market, to hold up the lowest level in four weeks, because the USD has backed down against the currencies, at the same time with improving the investment demand levels of the metal as a safe haven, in the middle of renewing the international geopolitical tensions about North Korea.

At 9:15 GMT Gold prices have increased by 0.4% to trading at the level 1296.44$ for ounce from the opening level 1209.90$, and record the highest level 1298.70$, and the lowest level 1290.90$.

Gold prices have decreased yesterday by 0.8%, in second daily losses respectively, and record the lowest level in four weeks 1288.11$ for ounce, because of the strong probability of increasing the American interest prices again during the next December.

USD index which is measuring the USD performance against the international currencies has backed down by 0.4%, to continue its losses for the second day respectively, the investors has kept away from the risking and built a new buying centres for the currencies that has a high profit, especially after the tensions about North Korea has renewed, and the USD decreasing is supporting the gold prices by making it with a low cost for the other international currencies holders.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the North Korea “Ri Yong ho” has threatened by testing a new hydrogenated pump in the Pacific Ocean, and promised that this experiment will be the strongest in the history.

A report has issued from the king of North Korea Kim kong un that the Pyongyang system is getting ready to take the highest level of Anti – radicalism procedures in the history, against the US response to the American president Tramp threat to destroy the isolated country.

And as a reaction for this tensions the most international shares markets has decreased, and the contracts of the American shares have backed down before opening the official trading session on Wall Street, and the investors kept away from risking and going to collecting gains operations.

Gold holdings are in the biggest international indexes boxes SPDR Gold Trust Box which is supported with gold has increased yesterday by 6.21 metric tons to the total 852.24 metric tons, and that’s the highest level since the last of June.

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