USD has back down before release of new jobs number in American private sector

On Thursday the USD has back down in the Europe market against the international currencies, continuing its losses for the second day respectively, after the federal reserve observed the members division about time of decreasing the budget and about continuing increasing interest prices, and the American Economic waiting for the important data today, and the most important of this data is the number of the new jobs which the American private sector added it during the last month.
At 11:35 GMT the USD index has back down to the level 95.82 points from the opening level 96.04 points and record the highest level 96.10 points and the lowest level 95.80 points.
The index has ended yesterday trading with a decreasing by 0.1%, in a first loss during four days, in a correction process from the highest level in one week 96.25 points, under the federal reserve report details pressure.
The report of the federal reserve 13-14 June meeting observed, members division about the time of decreasing the budget, and about continuing increasing the interest prices, this division happens because of the fears about continuing increasing inflation levels in the country.
The federal reserve has increased interest prices during this meeting by the quarter point to the range 1.25%, in a second increase during this year, and pointed to increasing prices for the third time, and announcing the details of decreasing the budget plan. Which is about 4.5 billion dollars of Treasury bills and financial papers supported with Mortgages real estate.
Although of this division but the probability Leeds that the federal reserve has increased the interest prices for the third time during the next December meeting, and the September meeting will witness the first budget decrease.
 For re-evaluate that probability the investors are waiting today for the important data from the United States, about the private jobs sector during June, about services sector, and about the trade balance.
 New job index for the private sector in the United States will issues at 12:15 GMT  to measure ADP index, the expectation is 184 thousand new job during June compared with 253 thousand jobs in May.
The weekly unemployment support requirements will issue too, and the expectation Leeds to 243 thousand demand has evaluated at the week which ends in 1 of July and the demand recorded last week 244 thousand.
 And the trade balance data issues expectation Leeds to recording lack by 46.3 million dollars in May from lack by 47.6 in April.
And about the services sector the final reading issues for the services buying managers index for June, the expectation is the same first reading at the level 53.0 points, and the Institute of Service Suppliers index will issue for June, and the expectation at the level 56.5 points from the level 56.9 points in May.

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