USD is stable waiting for inflation data and federal reserve decisions

On Wednesday the USD is stable in the Europe market from a limited range of trading against the international currencies, and investors stopped building new centers, waiting for an important economic data from the United States about inflation levels and retail sales, adding to waiting for federal reserve decisions.
At 11:35 GMT the USD index is trading at the level 97.00 points from the opening level 96.98 points and record the highest level 97.06 points and the lowest level 96.83 points.
The investors are waiting for the day of economic data and the important decision in the United States, and we expected to effect hardly on USD exchange rate direction against the most international currencies.
The most important economic data about the inflation levels in the country are in customers prices during May, and retail sales during the same month, the positively of this data will support the federal reserve to continue tightening the monetary policy during this year.
 At 12:30 GMT the customer’s price index issued for May we expect the same last reading increasing by 0.2%, except the food and oil expect an increasing by 0.2% from increasing by 0.1% in April.
At the same time the retail sales issued and we expect increasing by 0.1% during May from an increasing by 0.4% in April, also the retail sales issued expect the food and oil at the same expect month increasing by 0.2% and the last reading record increasing by 0.3%.
 The opening committee of the monetary in the federal reserve ended today it meeting which extended from yesterday, to discuss the monetary policy for development of American economic growth, and it decisions will issue at 18:00 GMT, and most of the expectation Leeds to raising interest price by quarter percent at the range (1.0%: 1.25%).
 If the prices already increased that will be the second increase this year, after the federal reserve increases the prices in last March meeting by quarter percent at the range (0.75%: 1.00%), and said about increasing the prices twice during 2017.
a report of monetary policy and economic expectation report issued at the same interest time, and the Federal Reserve president Janet Yellen will speak about the federal reserve decisions at 18:30 GMT and about the American monetary policy future.
 The investors will focus on the monetary policy report and Janet Yellen remarks, looking for a new sign about the future of increasing the interest prices during this year and decreasing the federal reserve budget which is 4.5 billion dollars.

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