Gold prices continue the decreasing because of USD increasing

On Friday the gold prices have back down to continue its losses for the third day respectively, because of USD increasing against the international currencies, and who stressed the losses is the result of the parliament election in Britain, the expectation says the country will get into political tensions before the negotiations about Europe United separation.
 At 9:15 GMT the gold prices backed down to 1274.52 USD for ounce from the opening level 1277.73 USD, and record the highest level 1281.45 USD, and the lowest 1271.17 USD.
Gold prices have ended yesterday trading with a decreasing by 0.7%, in a second daily loss respectively, because of USD increasing against the international currencies, added to there are not big surprises in James Comey witnesses in front of the American Congress.
USD index has increased by 0.6%, to continue its gains for the third day respectively, reflecting the continued of buying USD currency against the international currencies, especially against the Europe currencies EUR and GBP.
The Europe currency EUR has back down after the Europe Central decreased the inflation expectation for three years, and said about needing to continue the motivation monetary policy, and decrease the GBP to the lowest level in seven weeks after the results of parliament election.
The federal investigation office manager “sacked “James Comey” said in front of the intelligence committee in the American Senate that Donald Tramp asks him to give up about the investigation with his last national security adviser Michael Flynn.
Flynn supposed to get in widely investigation about a miserable remark of his conversation with the Russian ambassador in Washington, and about the connection with the Russian officials during Tramp election.
In Britain the early election in the country Leeds to a holding parliament, after the ruling party leading by the minister president Theresa may losses in requirements to reform a new individual government, and needs to get into a political negotiation with the other parties to reform a coalition government, And that’s making a political impasse for the country who face a long investigation about the Europe United separation.
 Gold holdings are in the SPDR Gold Trust box the biggest international indexes boxes which support with gold has increased yesterday by 2.07 metric tons, in a third daily increase respectively, to the total 867 metric tons, and that’s the highest level since 5 in December 2016.

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