EUR achieved to the lowest level of losses in two weeks because of Draghi remarks

On Tuesday the EUR has back down against the international currencies in the Europe market, to achieve the lowest level in two weeks, and the fears about the difference between Europe and the United States monetary policy has renewed, especially after the Central Governor Mario Draghi remarks about no needing to start cancelling the buying debentures program in the next meeting.
 At 8:15 GMT the EURUSD are trading at the level 1.1140 from the opening price 1.1164 after it record the highest price 1.1166, and .the lowest price since 19 of May 1.1109
EUR ended the yesterday trading with a decreasing by 0.2 % against the USD, in a third daily loss respectively, after Mario Draghi witnesses in front of the economic affairs committee in the Europe Parliament in Brussels.
Draghi said that there is no need to start the cancellation buying debentures program “motivated the Europe economy” during the next bank meeting in 8 of next June.
 And Draghi said that the economy needs to motivate even if the growth in Eurozone improved, still there is a limited inflation pressure on the monetary policy makers in the bank.
 And the German governor of the central bank and the representative of his country in the Executive Council of the European  Center Jens Weidmann: “the motivation monetary policy in Eurozone still suitable from the principal side as m the prices pressure decreases”.
The important economic data issued from Europe about the international market, during the American market trading session the investors were focusing  on the consumer spending data which issue in the United States, and another data about the customer’s trust with the American economy 

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