Gold prices has increased from lowest level in two months

On Thursday gold prices in the Europe market has increased for the first time in four days, within the recovery process from the lowest level in two months, because of the stoppage of USD increasing against the international currencies, but there is a strong probability about increasing the USD interest rate next month in front of the recovery process.
 At 10:20 GMT the gold prices has increased to 1222.16 USD for ounce from the opening level 1218.65 USD and records the highest level 1222.66 USD and the lowest level 1217.11 USD
 Gold prices have ended yesterday trading with a decreasing by 0.2%, and that’s the third loss respectively, because of the USD increasing to the highest level in three weeks against currencies, the prices yesterday has recorded the lowest level in two months 1214.11 USD for ounce.
USD index has back down by 0.2%, and in its way to record the first loss in four days, reversing the stoppage of USD increasing against the currencies, and the index yesterday has recorded the highest level in three weeks 99.59 points.
 The backing down of USD comes before an important data from the United States issued about the weekly unemployment support for the week which ends on 6 May, and about the producer’s prices during April.
The trader’s probability about federal reserve to increase the interest rate during the meeting in June by 100%, especially after the last remarks of some American monetary policy makers.
Erik Rosengren warns the federal reserve member about the slowing because of tightening the monetary policy, and he invited to take more strong procedures To prevent the economic from getting overloaded, and Robert Kaplan the president of federal reserve said in Dallas ” that he still adheres with increasing the interest prices for three times this year, but he knows exactly the weakness  of inflation levels in the country.
The biggest holding gold is at SPDR Gold trust box, the boxes of international indexes supporting with gold remained yesterday without any mentioned change and that for the second time respectively at the total 851.89 metric tons and that’s the lowest level since 10 last April.

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