GBP records the highest level in six months

GBP yesterday achieved increasing by 0.5% against USD in the third daily gain respectively, submitted the best performance of main currencies against USD, and the continued of the positive return for early invitation for the Parliament elections in Britain during next June, added to the probability of increases the Britain interest rates during the second half of the year, if the inflation continued increasing in this country more than the central bank target at 2%
GBPUSD trading at 08:05 GMT in the 1.2930 level from the opening price 1.2903 after record the highest price 1.2938 since 3 of October 2016 and the lowest price 1.28897
GBP continued it increases for the fourth day respectively against USD, to record the highest level in six months 1.2938 USD, this came before issuing Britain economic growth data during the first quarter of 2017.
USD index has back down in Europe market
USD index has back down in Europe market on Friday for the first time in third days, in the middle of fears about closing the American government unless the Republican Party failed in passing the funding law inside congress today, and the American economic waiting for a lot of important data about the total local result, customers trust about economic and some Federal Reserve members remarks.
At 12:30 GMT the first reading for the total local result of the first quarter of 2017 issued with a growth rate expectation by 1.3% from the growth rate 2.1% in the first quarter of 2016.
The industrial Chicago index issued expectations in 56.9 level in April from 57.7 in March, and about customers trust later will issue the final reading for Michigan university index during April 98.1 points and record the first reading 98.0 points.

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