Stability of the Euro levels ahead of the talk of Mario Draghi

On Thursday EUR stables in the Europe market with an limited range of trading against USD, and the investors waiting for Europe central bank meeting results who beginning yesterday, to discuss the monetary policy for the economic conditions developing in the region, especially inflation rates which backed down during March from its highest level in four years which recorded in February, under increasing of service and industrial activity during April to the highest level in six years. 
The most expectation says that the interest rates will be the same with no change in the decreasing measures levels, added to the continued execution the program of buying debentures with 60 billion EUR monthly.
 The Europe central in December 2016 meeting decided to decrease the program value of debentures buying from 80 billion to 60 billion EUR monthly, and extend the program duration from March 2017 to December 2017.
 Mario Draghi that bank is ready to get involved again to edit the debentures buying the program when it needed, and says that decreasing the value of debentures buying right now doesn’t mean a Gradual withdrawal of monetary motivation program.
The decision of interest issued at 11:45 GMT and governor of the Europe central bank Mario Draghi at 12:30 GMT.
 USD slightly backed down
The USD index has slightly backed down in Europe market on Thursday in under details ambiguity of the tax reform plan. With an increasing of fears about tramp and Republicans ability to pass it inside the congress in the next days, the American economic are waiting today for many important data about Durable Goods Orders, unemployment support orders and home sales outstanding.
 Durable goods orders issued expect increases by 1.5% during march from increasing by 1.8 % in February, with Excluded of transport items there is an expectation of increasing by 0.4% from 0.5% 
 The unemployment support order at the ending week on 22 April issued that expectation is 241 thousand from 244 thousand in the last week 
And home sales outstanding issues that expectation is decreasing by 0.6% in March, and the sales records increasing by 5.5% in February, which is the highest level in three years.

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