Euro fell from the highest levels in five months due to corrections

Yesterday EUR achieved increasing by 0.5 % against USD, fourth daily gain respectively, based on the middle candidate of the first round of France president selection Emmanuel Macron, and the strong probability of his winning in the last round against the wing right candidate marine le pen.
EURUSD trading at 7:55 GMT in the 1.0910 level from the opening price 1.0927 after it records the highest price 1.0950 since 10 of November 2016 and the lowest price 1.0904.
On Wednesday EUR record the highest level in five months 1.0950 USD in Asian markets before it back down from this level with the opening of Europe market trading, causing of correction operations and gain profits, after a strong gaining since the beginning of trading this week.
With recession of fears about the political dangers in France, the investor looking forward to Europe central meeting that will start today and the decision will issue tomorrow Thursday, and some of the bank members mentioned that there is a little chance for bank monetary policy changes, and from Mario Draghi governor of the bank remarks the investor are looking for any new signs about the future of bonds buying program which motivated the Europe economic.
US dollar index rises
USD index end yesterday trading with an increased by 0.3%, third daily losses respectively, to record the lowest level in five months 98.56 points, cause of union Europe currency buying EURUSD, in conjunction with data shows customers trust backing down with the biggest economic in the world during April.
 USD index trading at 7:56 GMT in the level 98.80 points from the opening level 98.68 points and record the highest level 98.86 points and lowest level 98.60 points.
USD index increased in the Europe market on Wednesday for the first time in four days, with an activation of rebound operations from the lowest level in five months, and today the important economic data about financial markets yards absent from the united state, and investors focus on tax reform plan details that the American president Tram will announce it today, within the expectation of tax cuts for companies by 15%, and the plan aimed to strengthen the economic growth rates in the country. 

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