Euro is settling at a five-month high in today’s trading

Yesterday EUR achieved huge jump against USD to record the highest level within five months 1.0917 USD recording the biggest daily gains since 3 of June 2016, with the acceleration of buying the Europe currencies, and after the first round result of the France president selection, resulted about qualifying the middle candidate “Emmanuel macron” and the wing right candidate “marine le pen” in the final round .in 7 of mayo
 EURUSD trading at 8:15 GMT in 1.0890 level from the opening price 1.0866 after it records the highest price 1.0893, and the lowest price 1.0851.
Today Tuesday trading the EURUSD increased to keep it gains for the fourth day respectively, getting closer from the highest level in five months, with the fears about France espionage dangers, especially when the almost opinion questionnaire said that Macron will win the France president, and macron supporters France to stay “the second biggest economic in Europe ” including the United Europe, but marine la pan was resistance for union and migration.
Decline in the US dollar index
USD index in Europe markets today Tuesday has back down to get close again from the lowest level in four weeks, to continue its losses for the third day respectively, and continues of Europe currencies buying against USD, this came in the time that investors are waiting for tomorrow Wednesday cause of Tramp will announce about his tax reform plan, in the middle of expectation of decreasing the tax rate by 15% 
 The American economic waiting today for data about customers trust of the economic during current April, and about new houses sales during March
And to measure customers trust during April  CD index issued 123.7 points from 125.6 points in March, and the sales of new houses issued an expectation added 590 thousand houses in March from 592 thousand houses in February.

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