Most important news on economic calendar this week 24 – 28 April

USA session has shut down it’s trading last Friday with decreasing in front of JPY, CHF, and EUR and that before the first round of France president selection that will be on Sunday, and the last opinion questionnaire says that ministry president “Emanuel Macaro ” is coming forward against her three competitions, and traders in markets afraid of ending the fire round between the candidates ” Jean-Luc Mélenchon ” and “Marine le Pan” and both of them want France to separate from the United Europe instead of Britain 
And during the next week, the expectation says investor will caring about political news especially in EUR zone with saying the results of the first round of France president selection, and the Europe central bank will meet next Thursday, and on Friday an important data about inflation rates for EUR zone will be issued.

And that Britain economic will issued the first data about economic Growth rates during the first quarter of the year on Friday, and the American economic will issued about the first data about the economic growth of the first quarter this year.
hereafter a details about most important economic and financial news for this week: 
On Monday 24 of April 
Evo academy will issue its data to Measure the German business weather, and Canada issued about data about wholesale sales, and in the United States the president of spare Bank in Mina Police “Neel Kashkari” will announce about Monetary Policy for spare Bank 
On Tuesday 25 of April  
The American economic will issued a report about customers trust and sales of new houses, and in Britain, the British economic will issued an important data about borrowing rates in general sector, and financial markets in Australia and new Zealand are closed because of the holiday.
On Wednesday 26 of April 
We are waiting for Australia to announce about important reports about inflation rates which represented in customers prices index, and Canada will publish data for retail sales 

On Thursday 27 of April 
The Japan central bank will announce its decision about interest rate additional to monetary policy report, and after this meeting, there is a Press conference.
In the other place, in the EUR zone we are waiting for the Europe central bank to issued it decision about it monetary policy then there is a press conference for the bank president “ Mario Draghi” and the German economic will issued about it first data of the inflation rates.
In the United States, the American economic will issued its report about requests supporting of weekly unemployment and either Durable Goods Orders and Home Sales Outstanding
On Friday 28 of April 
The Japan economic will issued its data about household expenditure rates and other data about inflation rates, and Britain will issue its first data about economic growth rates during the first quarter of this year, and in EUR zone first data about economic growth rates will publish in the first quarter of this year, and in German will announce about retail sales, but in Canada the Canadian economic will issued about the monthly data of the economic growth 

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