Before the France opinion questionnaire, the Asian share increased

Within the trading today Thursday the increasing control in almost Asian shares and that while markets waiting for opinion questionnaire in France about candidates for president elections and that during the weekend, and that will push some optimism to enter the markets.
And Japan shares today Leeds the increasing of Asian shares index after Japan recorded surplus in trade balance in march while the big improvement level in exports
Within trading today Japan shares increased and Topix index be the widest increase in Japan with 0.45% and added 5.12 points and reaches to the 1.143.62 level, then about the main Nikki index 225 for Japan shares so it increased with 0.35% to win 63.80 points and reaches to 18.496.00 level
Within trading today China shares index has increased and CSI index increases with 0.22% to win 7.54 points and reach to 3.453.62 level, while Shanghai index has decreased by 0.05% to lose 1.48 points and reaches to 3.169.21 level.
While Hang Seng index for Hong Kong shares has increased by 0.33% and added 77.85 points to reaches 23.903.73 level, and KOSPI  index for South Korea has increased by 0.25% to win 5.34 points to reaches 2.143.74 level.
While NZX 50 index for New Zealand shares has decreased with 0.19% to lose 13.97 points and reaches 7.204.54 level, from another side S&P/ASX 200 index for Australia shares has increased by 0.13% to win 7.69 points and reaches 5.811.70 level

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