Asian shares have decreased, with the increasing of political tensions

Within the trading today Friday and in the end of the week the Asian shares had been decreased and that after the American bombing in Islamic country location Afghanistan  and that Leeds to increase the political tensions who reduced the investment on shares as risky investments
Topix index for japan shares on his way to recording the longest chain in weekly decreases since fifteen months and that as the stoppage of JPY increased, the fears about the political tensions spreader that forced share capital to escape to the Safe investments far from shares.
The japan shares have decreased within the today’s trading and Topix index becoming the widest in japan, decreases with 0.39% and lose 4.44 points and reach to 1.132.50 level, then about the main Nikki index 225 for japan shares decreases with 0.24% to lose 44.04 points and reaches to 18.382.80 level.
The China shares index decreased within today’s trading and CSI index has decreased by 0.46% to lose 16.03 points and reaches to 3.498.73 level and shanghai index has decreased by 0.38% to lose 12.54 points and reaches to 3.263.42 level
 While Hang Seng index for Hong Kong shares has decreased with 0.21% to lose 51.85 points and reaches to 24.261.66 level and Cosby index for south Korea has decreased by 0.54% to lose 11.56 points and reaches to 2.137.05 level
Then about NZX index for new Zealand shares has decreased with 0.30% to lose 21.74 points and reaches to 7.229.80 level and from the other side S&P/ASX 200 index for Australia shares has decreased with 0.74% to lose 44.01 points and reaches to 5.889.95 level

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